The New(er) Explainly Blog

The New(er) Explainly Blog

We're updating our site to fit with our new mission as we expand our course offerings, our informational tips, and extend into direct training and consulting.

Philip Trick

Welcome to our new site re-design! The blog has been pretty silent lately – we've been polishing up some content and working on some exciting projects that we hope to be able to share soon (ish).

We have officially launched our "Quick Tips" video series within the last two weeks, transitioned our course hosting from Teachable to Udemy, and launched head-long into consulting.

That's right – you can get the Explainly team to assist you with projects in-house -- but that's for another post.

The site still has quite a bit of work coming; however, you should start to see a few additional updates. New course updates will be getting blog entries associated with them, plus the Quick Tips, and - hopefully - new details about our exciting project.

In the meantime, you can revisit my past posts in their new format with a few mild edits.