Introduction to PowerQuery Updates

Introduction to PowerQuery Updates

Introductory course receiving light updates for Excel 2019 plus all new audio tracks.

Philip Trick

Our original Introduction to Get & Transform course has a new name, new updates, and is receiving new audio tracks.

Since Microsoft has renamed PowerQuery back to PowerQuery after using "Get and Transform" for Excel 2016, we're renaming our course to keep up! As part of the rename, you'll find details describing the changes between Excel 2016's Ribbon and Excel 2019's Ribbon to keep the courses up-to-date. Although, you might have noticed that the Ribbon actually changed about 2/3rds of the way through Excel 2016's lifecycle...

In addition to the content update, the audio tracks are being re-recorded to incorporate everything we've learned over the last two years and to take advantage of some new equipment for a clearer experience.

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